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Product Development


This is the initial stage of the Product Development process and begins by generating new product ideas. This is done by keeping in mind the customer needs, pricing, viability of the product, the target market, functionality, and the existing products.

Define It

Once the Idea has been finalized, the next process involves defining the product. It is during this stage that a clearly defined roadmap for the product or collection is built. This stage also involves identifying the value proposition of the product and marketing strategy.

Test It

During the testing stage, the team makes prototypes of the product in the form of sketches and if required the renders. Doing this helps in identifying the areas of risk before actually making the product. Developing a strategy for assigning tasks and timelines is also done in this stage.

Design It

The designs are now created as per the development plan, and feedback is taken from the Product Development Heads before moving on to the next stage. Once approved, the product is ready for the sampling process.

Brand It

This is especially useful while developing a collection around an idea. Branding enhances the value proposition of the product and is especially useful for marketing. Branding helps in easy recognition and recall value and carving an identity of the product.

Fund It, Protect It

H. K. Designs has more than 100 trademarks and patents to its name. We believe in protecting the brand so that the customers feel more confident in investing in the product.

Make It

This stage involves making the actual product and following through the process in production to ensure that there are no issues while developing it. Quality checks are done at every stage of the process to create a commercially viable product.

Launch It, Sell It

The final stage of the Product Development process is launching the product or collection. This involves the submission of samples or the commercial order to the customer.